NHL Play Dissections

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https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE3A7B0E18F091206 Check the Embedded PLAYLIST Above, for Updated NHL Play Dissections This post is a little different than usual. I've recently put together a number of videos dissecting various NHL plays and situations. I've been posting these videos on my YouTube Channel, but I thought my blog readers might find them useful too. So... the video above is actually a PLAYLIST, which will update itself whenever I post a new play dissection to YouTube. When you hover your mouse over the video, you'll see the other play dissections I've already posted. Many of these dissections will refer back to concepts we've discussed in the Coaches' Training Course, so take a browse through the course if you haven't yet. I'm going to be posting more play dissections as we progress through…
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Off-Ice Hockey Training

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Well... It's that time of year again! Hockey season is winding down, and it's time to start strategizing your off-season. The off-season can be a time to make HUGE gains with respect to your Speed, Strength, and Size! So, to kick it all off, I've put together a 3-part mini-series on off-ice training for hockey. You can check it out here: http://hockeydevelopmentsystems.com/ I look at the off-season as a chance to put some distance between me and my competition. A chance to pick up an advantage, or to gain an edge over my opponent, or in some cases, a teammate with whom I might be competing for a top spot! I'm sure you're going to enjoy the videos - I've had a blast putting them all together for you! Here's…
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Breaking Down the Edmonton Oilers’ Penalty Kill

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Breaking Down the Edmonton Oilers' Penalty Kill This is the second of two videos I put together for the folks down at The Cult of Hockey, which is part of the Edmonton Journal's online Oilers coverage. In this video we go through some key points of the Oilers' penalty kill. Check out the first video on the Edmonton Oilers' Power Play here. Enjoy!!
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Have you joined Hockey Community yet?

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Hockey Community is the future of rec hockey organization! A few months ago I came in contact with Alex Toulemond, developer of Hockey Community, a place where hockey players can connect with other players in their own community to start teams, join existing teams, and find other playing opportunities at their local rinks! The site is brand new, but I believe it has the potential to become a staple for rec hockey players everywhere. In the video above, I show you a few of the key features at Hockey Community, but you really have to go check it out yourself! Here's the link: http://hockey-community.com This site is picking up steam fast, they've already been featured on CBC... check this out!! You're gonna love this site, check it out today! Weiss
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