Giveaway Winners

Coaches' Corner, Useful Products
Winners of our Coaches Training Course Giveaway (Winners were picked at random using the number randomizer at First of all, I would like to thank DrillDraw and Shooter Tutor for donating products for our giveaway. I was looking to line up prizes that would really help from a COACH'S perspective, and these guys really came through for us! I have used both products for many years, and stand behind them 100%. I would also like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway and told their hockey friends about this free course. We've got a great group of hockey people from all over the world participating here, and it's all thanks to you, our readers, for helping to spread the word!! So, without further delay... Here are the lucky winners!!…
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Summer Hockey Strategy

Coaches' Corner, Off-ice Training, Philosophy
How to Plan Your Summer Hockey Activities I am often asked what a player should do to make the most of his or her off season. This can be a tough question, because the answer usually varies from player to player. However, despite the many possible "correct answers," there are five main objectives that I think should be staples for any player looking to improve this summer––regardless of age or skill-level: Improve physical performance: The off-season is the time to develop your speed, strength, and size. During the summer months, this should be the primary focus for serious hockey players. Enormous gains can be made by consistently working out in a structured, hockey-specific, strength and conditioning program. Improve technical hockey skills (on-ice): Hockey players should take the time to develop…
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Motivate Players with Hockey Shooting Drills

Coaches' Corner, Philosophy
During the course of a practice, it is not uncommon for players to get uninterested and become detached, especially at younger ages while working on boring skills like technical skating. Adding Hockey Shooting Drills into the mix is a wonderful way to liven up your practice and keep your players motivated and up beat. High tempo shooting drills can also help spark some competition and mentally rejuvenate your players during longer practices. When working with Hockey Shooting Drills, I try to implement a few key points that help my players to get the most benefit possible: 1. Make sure your players keep their feet in motion while shooting, this is called shooting in stride. Many players slow down and glide just before shooting, not only does this affirm to the…
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How to effectively teach a new hockey skill

Coaches' Corner, Individual Skills, Philosophy, Skating
Coaching hockey can be a complicated endeavor. The required skill-set to be a good coach is much different than the skill-set to be a good player. Because of this difference, many people find it difficult to make the transition from player to coach. I often hear new coaches say "I know what my players should be doing, but I don't know how to get them to do it..." or "I don't know how to explain proper skating technique, I just know how to show it..." In these situations, I usually recommend that the coach try to break each skill down into three key points that he or she can verbalize. For example, if I were explaining proper forward skating technique, I would say that each player needs to (1) maintain…
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