Which Ice Marker Works Best?

I’ve Tested A LOT of Ice Markers… Here are my Favorites!

In a recent video I mentioned using an ice marker to help place players in the right starting position in a certain drill. The video sparked a few questions about which markers I like best. So I thought I’d do a quick video reviewing the ones I’ve used!

Ways I use Markers in My Coaching

Using markers on the ice has become standard practice for me, especially since more and more of my practices have become station-based. I use markers in many different ways, including the following:

  • Marking the start point of a drill (where to line up)
  • Which direction to turn around a cone or other obstacle
  • Designating a receiving zone for passes
  • Drawing a crease if we need to move the net to an irregular place (super common in station practices)
  • Adding a third circle to a half-ice practice (for the circle passing drill)
  • Designating a stickhandling routine through Attack Triangles
  • And more!

Here are the markers I’ve used, and that I reviewed in this video:

Hope this helps! Are you using markers in your coaching? Which markers have worked best for you? Let me know your favorite markers, and how you use them in the comments below!

If not, grab one of the options above, and keep it in your pocket. You might find it more useful than you ever imagined. I know I have!


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