Neutral Zone: Swing Regroup

Use the Swing Regroup to create multiple passing options and to provide solid support through the neutral zone

The Swing Regroup is a more advanced set-up for players who understand timing and support tactics, and can present themselves as passing options in multiple receiving zones. If your team is ready to learn this style of regroup, it can be extremely effective, and will set you up to enter the offensive zone with great positioning!

If your team is younger, or less experienced, set them up on the “Post-Up” Regroup first, then work toward adding this one later on.


6 thoughts on “Neutral Zone: Swing Regroup

  • Edward

    On the swing regroup… is it your intention that the forwards always skate counter clockwise in the neutral zone through the receiving areas or is there something I have missed the determines the direction of the skate?

    Many thanks for any hint you can offer.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      They can swing through either way. the idea is you swing through starting from whichever side you came out of. I just happened to draw it that way. Good question though!

      • Edward

        So there is an added layer of complexity again where the trailing forwards have to look around and try to spot who is F1 (first person to cross the blue line heading for the NZ from the attacking zone) and join the rotation.

  • Tim


    Do you have a pdf of the Swing Regroup that you provided a video explanation?

    I sure would like to have that for my practices.

    BTW – Just bought the Playbook. Looks great!

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