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1. Course Introduction and Road Map
2. Development Pyramid
3. How Early can “Systems Hockey” be Taught?
4. Timing and Support Tactics

D-Zone Coverage

1. Box +1
2. Sagging Zone
3. Sagging Zone Arrow


1. Transition from D-Zone Coverage to Breakout
2. Color Coded Breakout System and Options
3. Creating Options by Crossing through Lanes

Offensive Attack

1. Offensive Attack Formations
2. Basic Options using the Attack Triangle
3. Cycling in Hockey


1. 2-1-2 Spread/Stack
2. 1-2-2 “Foosball”
3. 2-3 Press
4. Neutral Zone Trap
5. 2-1-2 Spread in Action
6. How to Beat a 2-1-2 Forecheck
7. 1-2-2 “Foosball” Forecheck: IN ACTION

Regroups, Neutral Zone Play

1. “Post-Up” Regroup
2. Swing Regroup
3. Back Checking

Power Play

1. Overload
2. Umbrella
3. Hybrid
4. PP Breakout

Penalty Kill

1. Simple Box
2. Wedge +1
3. Expanded Wedge +1 (arrow)
4. Defending Against an Umbrella
5. How to Kill a 5 on 3
6. PK Forecheck
7. Winnipeg Jets’ Penalty Kill (DISSECTED)


1. Defensive Zone
2. Neutral Zone
3. Offensive Zone



The Weiss Tech Hockey Playbook (ebook format) has 67 pages of diagrams and explanations of Team Systems and Positional Play.

The systems contained in this playbook are designed to lead from one objective to the next. For example: a well-structured defensive zone coverage set-up should put you in proper position to break the puck out when your team gets it back.

Our playbook contains systems that can be molded to fit any level of play at any age, so long as the individual skill level is sufficient to physically perform the basic actions required.



  • Luc

    Hi Jeremy,
    thanks for all the concepts and systems you put up on your website, it’s really helping me coaching my guys.

    One thing I’d like to see is your opinion on 4-on-4. It happens that I also play in ball-hockey leagues, which are 4-on-4, and it would be interesting to see some key strategies.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  • This playbook looks like just what a friend of mine needs. He used to play hockey up in the Northeast and is now interested in getting into coaching here in the South. Of course, it’s harder to find places down here to practice, but quite a few kids are interested in learning.

  • Chris

    I\’m going to purchase the playbook, but want to be sure I know what is included. I\’m a High School and youth coach and am interested in drills, systems and special teams. Is this included?

  • Chris

    I’m going to purchase the playbook, but want to be sure I know what is included. I’m a High School and youth coach and am interested in drills, systems and special teams. Is this included?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Chris, thanks for your interest in our playbook. The playbook contains systems and special teams, but not drills. The information in the playbook, and our coaches’ course go hand-in-hand. In fact, I know of a few coaches who are using them in tandem with their teams.

  • Marc

    Enjoyed the course. Thanks for leaving it there. Im sure it will be useful this winter.

    Also like your weekly drills. Always looking forward to see them.
    Good job.

  • Great job Jeremy! Clarity and progression.

    I didn’t start playing hockey until I was 35 and now help coach so nothing comes naturally to me. This will help tremendously with my squirts to help them understand.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Linda

    Great course. Thanks for leaving it up as I had to travel for work and wasn’t able to keep up. Thanks again. You have a great teaching style.

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Jim – glad you’ve been able to follow along man!! We’ve got some pretty good stuff coming this week, so stay tuned!!

  • Jim Watson from Scottish Ice Hockey

    Hi Jeremy
    I am really enjoying the course – great explanations / video. I told you last week I was pretty much tied up helping present our School of Excellence but I am managing to get through the topics.

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Right now I’m a bit slammed getting all the material put together, but I’ll figure out a good way of getting the graphics out to the people who want them.

  • Dave Hill

    Hi Jeremy, great course I agree a graphic or even a printout would be great for the development period. Thanks


  • Jeremy Weiss

    Thanks Bob – I’ve been having a lot of fun putting it all together 🙂 We will go over the color-coded breakout system in quite a bit of detail in tomorrow’s material (Breakouts). If you still have any questions afterward, just let me know and I’ll address them.

    For the Development Pyramid, are you looking for a printout? Or some sort of graphic? Let me know.

    Thanks for participating!

  • Bob Adams

    I coach a squirt team, and these concepts/systems are spot-on to my thinking of coaching development, as you were lucky to experience under your Dad in Toronto…
    (this coaching course is exceptional!)…a couple questions: where can we get a copy of the developmental pyramid?…and are the color-coded defensive systems that your Dad taught going to be reviewed in the D-zone coverage, and/or a review of breakouts?…

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