Power Play: Umbrella

The Umbrella is a solid power play set-up that can be very difficult to defend against if run well

The Umbrella is a very common power play set-up at higher levels of play. The reason for this is that it is extremely effective when run well. Remember to structure your set-up using players that fit each position’s “job description,” including what way they shoot.

The Umbrella works very well when two cross-ice passes occur before the shot (see video for examples). This helps to hang the goalie out to dry, and can really mess up the opposition’s penalty kill.


2 thoughts on “Power Play: Umbrella

  • Tim

    Hi Jeremy

    Excellent drills and site. I am having a problem opening the drills. I have saved them into my drill draw but they won’t open. Any ideas?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Did you unzip the file before importing it? It can’t be a zip file… Has to be the .dde to work. Let me know…

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