Penalty Kill: Wedge +1

The Wedge +1 is strategically very similar to the “Sagging” Zone d-zone coverage

The Wedge +1 is a more advanced, more aggressive penalty kill, that operates similar to our “Sagging” Zone defensive zone coverage set-up. This set-up allows the closest “corner” of the box to challenge the puck carrier, while the other three players remain in front of the net.

Make sure your players understand when to “force” the puck carrier, and when to “contain” the puck carrier. Reading this incorrectly will cause problems for you! Also, remind your weak-side forward and defenseman to keep their heads on a swivel, and not to let anyone creep in behind them on the backdoor.


3 thoughts on “Penalty Kill: Wedge +1

  • Nathan Saydyk

    In the shift from Strong side wing to Strong side D or from D to D, why wouldn’t you have your sag man (weak side wing) move up to the high slot and the weak side D cover the low slot or man in front of the net? What is the advantage of having two D and a weak side forward covering one man?

    Also, what about the give and go from D to Winger across the seam? Who picks him up? If the weak side D is covering the man then the weak side Wing and protect the give and go…..

    Cool stuff…

    • Jeremy Weiss

      good questions! i love having the “sag man” anticipate a possible D to D pass, and i recommend it in the “expanded” version of this same kill set-up. it’s a matter of give & take. by taking a more aggressive stance on pressuring the puck carrier and potential receivers, you’re giving up more in front of the net. so the question is, are your players capable of reading the play properly, and fast enough to pick off a D to D pass? if so, get more aggressive. if they’re just going to get caught, you’re better off keeping your resources in front.

      if the D runs a strong side give and go to the winger cutting through the seam, our strong-side D will challenge him, coming straight out from the strong side post.

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