Improve Your Coaching Through Technology

Using Technology to Improve Your Coaching

Weiss Tech Playbook 2.0 for iPad - YouTubeOne of my goals at Weiss Tech Hockey is to help coaches improve their game through technology. I believe that technology can help coaches communicate more effectively with their players, increase their knowledge base, network with other coaches, and find opportunities to be mentored… the sky is the limit!

Recently, Apple has revamped their iBooks app, which has created a neat platform that is perfect for producing and consuming educational material. The first time I saw what the new platform was capable of, I immediately thought of our playbook! So I set to work reconfiguring the playbook to take advantage of this new platform.

In the iBooks version of the Weiss Tech Playbook, we’ve taken our written playbook, with text and diagrams, and we’ve added all of the explanation videos from the Coaches’ Training Course. So now you can watch the video and read the explanation all in one place. Then we took it a step further, and added many live-action video examples of the plays and set-ups being used in real games. So after you read the explanation, and watch the video explanation, you can take a look at what the play should actually look like in a real game, when performed correctly… ALL IN ONE SPOT!

While reading a book in the new iBooks platform, you can not only consume the content (which can be written, picture, diagram, audio, or even video), but you can more effectively study the content with highlightable text, flash card functionality, and many other cool tools. Highlight text and make notes as you read through the material, and your study cards are automatically generated for you, along with your own notes! When it comes time to quiz yourself, flip over into study card mode, and it’s all right there for you.

I’m really proud of the way this book turned out, and I have no doubt it will be an incredible tool for many coaches. For more info, check it out in the iBooks store!

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