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1. Course Overview
2. Off-Ice Skill Development Strategy
3. Objectives and Considerations
1. EZ Goal and Backstop
2. Shooter Tutor
3. Shooting Pad
4. Extreme Passer
5. My Favorite Off-ice Shooting Drill
6. Hockey Radar Gun iPhone App
7. Sniper’s Edge (Outdoor Install)
8. Sniper’s Edge (Indoor Install)
9. Ultimate Goalie Hockey Targeting System
10. Rick O’Shay Hockey Targeting System
1. Roll-up Skill Pad
2. Dryland Flooring Tiles
3. Flypuck
4. Green Biscuit
5. Smart Hockey Ball
6. Swedish Wooden Ball
7. Sweethands
8. Attack Triangle
9. QuickStickz
10. Dangle Glove Hockey Stickhandling Aid
1. Extreme Passing Kit
1. PowerSlide Hockey Slide Board
1. HockeyShot Dryland Training Kits
2. S3 Formula
3. HockeyOT


  • Lawaun

    Hey Jeremy I’m a ball hockey player who plays defence. Just had my first winning season and I’m addicted to getting better, never played ice hockey before but love the game. Ball hockey is sorta my way to get involved any websites you know of that i can go to or drills i can do to get better at shooting and passing?? Love your youtube videos by the way learning a lot.

  • Gary Peverelle

    Jeremy your site is fantastic. i would like to know what drills you would use for team tryouts. Novice to Midget. thanks

    • Jeremy Weiss

      depends on how much ice-time you’ll have. i put most emphasis on scrimmage, nothing compares to seeing how well a player will perform in a real game atmosphere. during the scrimmage, switch around line combos, try new players with players you’re already familiar with so you can get an accurate comparison.

      if you have time, you might do some basic skills at the beginning of the tryout process. you’re not trying to TEACH anything, just looking to see performance on fundamentals like forward skating, backward skating, pivots, puck control, passing, etc. i like to know what i’m working with skill-wise, combined with how a kid responds in a game situation.

      hope that helps!

      • Gary Peverelle

        Thanks very much Jeremy. You are definitely the go to guy for hockey. I appreciate your quick answer to my question.


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