Timing and Support Tactics

Timing and Support: Two concepts that can greatly enhance a player’s ability to read and react!

Timing and Support are extremely important concepts for a hockey player to understand. Having a sound understanding of these key concepts will allow him to adjust to different coaching styles and systems, no matter what the positional set-up may be. In this video, I show an example of timing, support, and multiple receiving zones, using a simple “swing” regroup.


7 thoughts on “Timing and Support Tactics

  • Canucksrool

    I used to scour the internet looking for good drills and knowledge.  I watched Coach Nielsen, How To with the other Jeremy who seems like a very decent guy too, Hockey Canada discs, etc.  In the end, I’ve found your information is the best… for our team anyway.  Your explanations are crisp and concise and have you speaking to us as coaches, face to face while doing your drill draw adds an almost personal touch.  It works, better than anything else I’ve found.  Thank you for sharing your information.  That is so generous of you to share what you’ve learned and to present it for us so that we can easily grasp the concepts.  You have immensely helped me to be a better coach and my teams have had greater success and experienced way more enjoyment because of what I’ve learned from you.
    Coach Frank

  • Mike Henry

    Very well done Jeremy. This concept can be made quite difficult to understand even by Bantam / Midget players. I feel your video and explaination simplifies it to a much younger group,say Atom Rep. With a few variations even the younger players wouldn’t realize the valuble lesson being learned here when turning it into a game of fun.
    Great Work
    Head Coach,Bantam Rep
    Mike Henry

  • Jeremy –

    This video on support & timing during a regroup nails it right on the head! You’ve kept it simple and your ability to talk and use the drilldraw tool makes this easy to follow along. I would feel very comfortable showing this to players.

    Coach Hess

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