Hockey Coaches Training Course Introduction

Welcome to our Hockey Coaches Training Course!

This course is designed as a pre-season “tune-up” to help coaches think through the Team Systems they plan on using throughout the upcoming season. So, our main focus will be on hockey systems, and what options might work well for your team.

CLICK HERE to see our course syllabus, which outlines everything we’ll be covering in this course. As we progress through the week, the individual topics will become live as more content is added.

DISCLAIMER: Every team is different, and has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, what works well for one team might not work for another. There are many “correct” ways of implementing systems with your team. The things I’m showing you are based on personal experience as a player and coach, and should be tweaked and adjusted to best fit your team’s style. ENJOY!!

7 thoughts on “Hockey Coaches Training Course Introduction

  • This is my first year coaching and I appreciate all the information you are sharing with me (everyone). It has given me a chance to see how I want to “coach” as well as the language to explain how and what to do during situations. Thanks again for everything!

    • Jeremy Weiss

      DrillDraw is currently for Windows only. However, I use it on my Mac via Parallels (it’s a program that allows you to run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously on the same machine). It works REALLY well that way!

  • Jerry


    Do you have a sample of the three zone timing drill on line (moving)? Recieved in a email of your weekly drills.

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