Faceoffs: Defensive Zone

A few Defensive Zone Faceoff options that have worked well for me in the past

I like to have VERY structured positioning and responsibilities in my defensive zone play––including faceoffs!! This particular set-up will leave you in great position for a breakout if we win the draw, and great position for defensive zone coverage if we lose the draw. Either way we are covered!

This set-up also allows for a few “more aggressive” options that I like to use every now and then to catch the other team off guard.


7 thoughts on “Faceoffs: Defensive Zone

  • Darran

    Jeremy, what happens if you lose the face-off and the draw pulls it over to the RW on the boards? Does our RD stay there and fight for it, or does he retreat back to the near post and let his LW take it? Or some hybrid?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      the RD can battle if the guy stays there, but most of the time that guy will be walking through the seam toward the slot, in which case the LW takes him

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Not sure I understand the question, but yes, the LW breaks through to attack any shooter to the left side of the ice. Generally, the RW will take care of any shooters if the other team wins the face-off to the right side of the ice.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Good catch – I used to have the D play on their regular sides, but I have since modified my set-up to have them on their “off” sides. This makes the ring breakout an easier play. At the end of the day it’s not a huge difference, but I do like having a righty on the left side, and visa versa (when possible). Thanks for pointing that out!

    • John Healy


      The RD is better here specifically so he can make the hard rim on his forehand. This makes the play more effective at all age groups. A lefty can make the play, but he will either have to rim the puck on his backhand (too slow), bank it awkwardly off the boards (possible turnover), or skate around the puck (takes too much time).

      I hope this helps.

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