D-Zone Coverage: “Sagging” Zone

The “Sagging” Zone is a more aggressive defensive zone coverage set-up that will cause more turnovers than the less aggressive Box +1

In this video, we walk through the “Sagging” Zone set-up. I really like the risk level of this particular set-up. It is quite aggressive, but by dropping your weak-side winger down into the low slot, you can still maintain great coverage in front of the net.

As players get more comfortable with this system, teach the weak-side winger to anticipate and pick off D to D passes, and cross-ice passes out of the corner. Good, quick wingers will see a lot of breakaways and 2 on 1’s by reading these passes well.

As is the case with the Box +1, “Sagging” Zone Coverage converts very well into a breakout when the transition occurs. The natural positioning for coverage is exactly where the players need to be to initiate the breakout.


5 thoughts on “D-Zone Coverage: “Sagging” Zone

  • Jay

    Do you have a drill that you use to simulate this defensive positioning rather than simply walking the kids through it and have them rotate with the movement of the puck? In essence do you have a drill that you run that simulates a game situation.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      I forgot to mention it in this video but I mention it in the sagging zone arrow one. The centre takes him if he starts walking through the “seam” to the net.

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