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  • Brian Wagner


    First off, thanks for doing what you do!! I’m a huge fan of your stuff. Use you playbook all the time and I’m on the website daily..

    One question: I know that you can upload drills into Hockey Share, is there a way to upload some of the videos? I figured I just ask before I waste time trying…

    Again, Thanks for giving us “coaches” somewhere to find top notch information!!


  • Dan

    First and foremost, I am a fan, follower, and user of many things “Weiss Tech” so I don’t want this to come off as negative. This is merely an observation for you to consider. In your latest addition of HD Magazine you go over some pros and cons of USA Hockey’s ADM. As a professional hockey instructor, I have to disagree with 1 of your listed “cons” to the ADM – you mention “inconsistent skills reinforcement as a negative to the ADM and your reasoning is stated as “if Johnny is dragging his inside foot behind him in his power turns, the coach at station A might correct it but when moving to station B, that coach might let it go which undoes the work that the coach at station A did”
    When you make a statement like this and later make reference that most ADM coaches are parent volunteers, you contradict yourself. The fact of the matter is that most ADM coaches are inexperienced volunteers so the fact that little Johnny got SOMEONE to give him good information is based on having multiple stations and multiple coaches/volunteers on the ice. Keep in mind, a well run ADM session will have 1-3 experienced coaches on the ice moving from station to station to help with providing better information and feedback to the young players. I also believe that your listed con of “lack of team camaraderie” is off the mark by quite a bit. Players at this age need a thousand times more skill development than they need “team camaraderie” – take a look at the skills progression pyramid again and you might see things a little differently. The ADM is not perfect but 2 of the “cons” you listed are actually “pros”. On a side note, I am still trying to get my head around your statement that your 3 year olds soccer team was “pretty good”. I guess this mind set explains a couple of the above concerns. Thanks for listening.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Thanks for the comment Dan. I’m always open to different opinions.

      Maybe my write up wasn’t clear enough. In listing the pros and cons, I’m talking about POSSIBLE cons, or in other words, things to watch out for. I’m not saying it’s an issue in EVERY organization, but they’re things I’ve noticed first hand in organizations I’ve participated in. So here’s what I’m seeing (I’ll just go in the order you went in):

      Inconsistent Skill Reinforcement:
      If 1-3 experienced coaches ARE going around from station to station making corrections, the way you described, this can work––as long as they’re all on the same page in terms of technique (which we know isn’t always the case, even among high-level coaches). However, if this isn’t happening, then what I said in the article holds true. I’ve seen it first hand in my organization. I corrected the way the power turn was being done, then the kids went to the next station and proceeded to go right back to their old habits. If that’s not happening in your organization, then more power to you, but I’m saying its something to watch for.

      Lack of Team Camaraderie:
      Again, I stand by my statement in the article, based on my personal experience. Last season, most of our practice were station practices, with all the teams on the ice together. The players were grouped by age and skill-level, not by team. This grouping made it so the players didn’t really get to know each other, and there was no cohesion during games. Furthermore, the coaches couldn’t address team issues that were going wrong during games, because the teams never practiced as teams. I agree that skill-development is most important at young ages, but I think that friendships and fun is a big part of the game too. If that hasn’t been an issue in your program, again, more power to you… but it definitely was a weakness in our program.

      3-Year-Old’s Soccer Team:
      I’m not sure what you’re asking on this one, but my point was that it can be healthy to keep score, if the coach is smart about it. My 3-year-old’s soccer team got blown out the first game of the season this summer. I didn’t make a big deal about the loss, but I worked with the team on their skills and positioning. Then we faced the same team again on the last game of the season, and beat them. So I used it as a teaching moment. The kids felt great about themselves, and proud that they hard worked so hard to improve.

      Hope that helps clear up my point of view! Good luck this season!


  • Terry

    I am looking for a good drill to encourage a forward carrying the puck to protect the puck while lowering his shoulder on the defender to drive the net

  • Mamdouh Kamel

    Dear JW;

    I am a rink hockey player,and i was wondering if your system could also apply for rink hockey.
    what do you think of that?

  • Rick

    Jeremy, Are you aware of any good software to use to schedule practices for our organization? We receive many different ice slots and times, we then try to schedule these between 19 teams, and try to make sure all teams have the same amount of 7am practices or 5:00pm practices, etc.

  • Peter

    Do the ebooks come with downloadable video (the youtube videos)content so I can access videos on my ipad from areas that don’t have internet access?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Yes and no. The eBooks contain links back to the videos so the content can be accessed. You do need an internet connection to view them this way. However, the new iPad version (available on the iTunes bookstore) contains all the explanation videos, plus live action dissections, embedded right in the book itself. So the iPad version will let you access the videos without an internet connection. Hope that helps!

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Nope – we’ve got an android version in the works, so be on the lookout for that. But the platform itself is best suited for phones and tablets because of the multimedia we use within each issue.

  • patrick floyd

    Hi Jeremy, bought the playbook and drillbook combo for my team. Team manager says paypal has processed but I can’t seem to locate it?? I purchased on my computer and used our team paypal account which is connected to my managers email. Is there any way for me to get it here instead of his, if that’s where it went? I’ll be using it not him.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      WOW! you can’t put Nickelback in the same category as Bon Jovi! Also, Chicago is another good pregame band. You gotta try it 🙂

  • Craig

    Hello Jeremy, I just viewed your agility drills, which appear for adults. Do you have age specific agility drills, defining proper weights for squats, heights of boxes they should use and number of reps, and width of dots. My keids team is pee wee age11-12yr olds

  • Steve

    Hey Jeremy, I just have to say that I love what you’re doing here. There is so much great content here I get excited about implementing some of your concepts. Have you ever thought about utilizing a Ventrilo server to set up online training sessions or just to chat about different concepts. I’ve been in a Ventrilo group where we discussed poker strategies and I was thinking this would a great tool for people to learn from rather than answering questions via email or text chat. Just an idea. Keep up the great work.

  • Wesley

    Hi Jeremy, I recently played a team that have 2 or 3 forwards rush up ice as soon as they have possession in the defensive zone. My team usually uses a 1-2-2 trapping system that worked extremely well in the past, but not against this team. They just had some many players in the neutral zone by the time the puck carrier is at the blue line we could not effectively shut down their middle lane options. We started to aggressively forecheck near the end of the game and that seemed to have worked and caused a few turnovers.
    My question is, what is the best way to counter a team that tries to break out as quickly as possible?


  • Nick U

    Jeremy, How do you transition from forecheck to offense when you create a turnover in the 2-3 press? It seems tough to run a cycle because you will draw players out of good defensive position

  • Gord Cukierski

    Jeremy, I just bought your playbook and drill book for my Single A team, 9 yr olds for next year’s plan. Where do I find the info on force vs contain so I am teaching it correctly.


  • scott

    do you use video with your team? do you have a software program you could suggest for editing the video and telestrating for showing the kids?


    • Jeremy Weiss

      are you talking drill diagrammers? i still haven’t found one i really like yet. as soon as I do, I’ll post about it for sure

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