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  • jeff


    Looking for some advice…i have just taken on a new team for the yr…players have come from several different teams and past coaches of course. D have some difference in opinions on puck retrieval in our end. If F1 is dumping puck into our end does D1 on the strong side stick with him and fight for puck or does D2 head for puck and D1 cut to net/weak side for a pass? I know there are alot of different scenarios here but is there a set play that provides higher success rate of recovering puck .

  • Hi Jeremy,

    I have been viewing your web site as well as following your video’s for some time. Thanks for all the great ideas and the effort put in.

    I am head coach for a local youth hockey team (Peewee A minor black to be exact). I have several kids who are not attending practice on a regular basis. These kids of course show up for every game. Several parents have expressed their unhappiness with their kids sharing equal playing time during games with those who never put the effort in to attend practice. So in an effort to make it fair I implemented a rule that for every practice that a kid missed that kid will lose one period of play during our next game. I also included 3 passes to each kid in case of needing to miss practice due to school work or illness or what have you. Of course as you can imagine, I have completely split my team in half. Now half the parents are happy (the ones who are always there) and half the parents are ticked (those who continuously miss).

    Do you have any suggestions or advice on how to deal with a situation such as this? Meaning, not dealing with upset parent, I can do that… but more along the lines of how to make it fair for everyone? How do you deal with kids who miss practice or do not attend on a regular basis?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give…
    Bill Kline
    Butler Valley Dawgs
    Peewee A minor Black
    Butler, Pennsylvania

  • Nick Garland

    Hey there. I have seen a few of your videos now and I decided to come to your website to check it out. I live in UT right now and am going to CO next year to play for Pikes Peak U16 AAA. I am a good player, but I really want a solid off-ice training regimen that will not only help me gain muscle mass but also prepare me for playing AAA at a younger age than most of my new teammates. I am 15, and really think that weights could benefit me, as well as good cardio excercises. I currently run 5-10 miles a day and am in the gym everyday for a couple of hours doing sprints, some light lifting, push-ups and basically just drills that you can do on your own. And just out of curiosity, do you live in Salt Lake City? If you get a chance, please respond to
    Have a good one!

    • Jeremy Weiss

      yes – you get free access to around 150 drills (if my count is correct) via the “Drill Portal” (a feature within DrillDraw. You can access a trial version at, but you’ll want to purchase it through my site if you want access to the free tutorial videos that are part of my bonus offer.

      let me know if you have any questions. THANKS!

  • Duane


    love the site.. Got any drills that encourage body contact and winning puck races.. I have a bantam team that is smaller then most team’s we face and they tend to shy away from puck races because I believe they are afraid of the contact.

    thanks. so much

  • Nick


    Great site! I’ve implemented several of your drills into my practice plans. However, I coach a Midget U18 team and we share ice with another Midget team once a week. During the shared ice, we typically have 30-40 kids on the ice. Do you have any good flow drills that involves multiple players at once? I use the Tom Renney Warm-Up quite a bit, do you suggest anything else? Thanks!

  • Josher

    What software do you use to make your video/screen shot demonstrations? They are tight, and I want to do something similar for our game film wrap ups.

  • Ken

    Hi Jeremy
    Do you have any favourite drills that you use for evaluations. I am coaching High School and expecting 30-40 kids to start. Love your site this is the most amazing thing out there for any coach any level

  • Tim

    Hi Jeremy
    I have tried to import some of the drills straight in to drilldraw using the link but I can’t seem to do it. Any suggestions.

  • David

    Hey Jeremy. I tried to go to facebook to save the $10 off your plAYBOOK BUT NOT SURE HOW TO use it. Is it a discount code? Please give details about how to go about purchasing with the discount

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Dave – sorry man, that promotion has been over for about a year now. I’ve been trying to wrap up all the loose ends where it was mentioned, but I guess there are still a few places out there. Where did you hear about it?

      • David

        I cant remember. I will purchase anyway. I coach junior hockey in ontario and you would be surprised how little these guys know about these basic concepts. I am teaching them using powerpoint in the room and then translating on the ice.

  • Will

    Thank you for all of your hard work, it has been helpful in understanding the game of hockey better. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all of your hard work

  • Russ

    Jeremy – love the site. I really like the videos of the drills and would like to record something similar for my team to review for specific breakouts or defensive zone coverages. What software do you use to record the screen, video of yourself, and audio? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  • Dylan

    Watching the NHL playoffs this year, I’ve noticed that the Tampa Bay Lightning have been getting a lot of recognition for their 1-3-1 neutral zone trap. I’ve given it a some thought, and I felt that a neutral zone attack similar to your video on crossing lanes would be a good way to attack it, however when the offense has done it, they’ve still been stopped cold! What do you think the best option of getting through it is? Or is it a fool-proof way of forcing your opponents to dump-and-chase?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      i’m thinking the best way to beat it, besides dump and chase, is to have an extremely fast transition when the turnover occurs, and maybe even have a floater up ice for a quick outlet if possible. the way tampa runs it, you have to catch them before they set up, or you’re stuck with dump and chase.

  • Peter Brännström

    Great website! I coach a team of -01 boys in Sweden, Åkersberga(just north of Stockholm). I have had a lot of inspiration from the drills you´ve presented on the site. You really make it “easy” to understand the “difficult” basics of hockey, to use and master skating before you excellence in puckhandling. I can´t thank you enough for the inspiring and educating posts you´ve presented on your blog. It has provided me and our hockeyteam with some really good and challenging drills! Thank´s a lot!

  • John

    Jeremy, a friend of mine referred me to your website. He mentioned a system you developed based on colours (excuse the Canadian spelling) that would be appropriate for Atom level. Any products that you feel would help, please let me know.

  • Hey Jeremy, awesome site you have going here. I have a similar site going with my friends that only focuses on hockey training. If you’re interested send me an email and we should chat – I’ve been doing internet marketing for 3 years now and would love to talk.

  • Thomas

    Hey Jeremy,
    Your site is great! I am a coach just heading into playoffs and provincials after a long 500 season. We face a team (in the first round) that we split games with. They are bigger, stronger and overly aggressive. We had success against them by staying out of the box and crashing the net for easy goals. We let them take penalties, but could not convert on the pp.
    I know what we need to do, I am just struggling with what drills could help fix our weaknesses.
    We turn over a lot at both blue lines, this team is great at attacking from above the seam and will ram those turn overs down our throat. Half of my d-men struggle with getting quality shots through and they hit a lot of shin pads and we have to have a forward quite high all the time to get back for the odd man rush.
    What suggestions do you have to fix these, also, any tips on shutting down an over aggressive system. We tried going hit for hit with them, but we powered out and it took a lot out of my boys.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Jake McCallum

    Hi Jeremy

    I really want to crack a roster spot to make my hometown junior B team for this upcoming fall. Looking at your site various times I feel you could answer this question for me. How Much cardiovascular training should I be doing a day? I’m roughly 5″11 205 pounds. Iv’e been told that my cardio needs some work and some foot work and as well people with in the organization expressing me with some good potential. I hit the weights often but now want to take the next step do you think you can help me out?

    Thanks your friend Jake

  • pent


    ive been looking at your site for a while, and i was really looking for videos on all the team skills. Alot of the things covered in this section would be very helpful

  • Sarah

    Hi I was just wondering if you could help me.
    I’m new at ice skating and every time I skate the bone on the inside of both my feet hurt.

    Got any suggestions of what I might do to prevent that?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Angel – I just resent the playbook from a different email address. I didn’t know you hadn’t received it until you posted this comment. Let me know if/when you receive it. Thanks again.

  • Angel

    I bought the your playbook yesterday and I never recieved and e-mail confermation, but the money was taken out of my account. Was I supposed to click on something to download the playbook. Thanks

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Angel – thanks for your purchase! I replied to your email yesterday. You should have received a download link in an email. Check your junkmail box (sometimes it gets caught in the spam filter). Let me know if it’s not there and I’ll have the system resend it.

  • Cameron

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would like to hear your thoughts on a break out option (strategy) against a team that has their defense pinch aggressively on the half boards and quit often intercept the breakout attempt. Our kids are at the highest level of play at the age of 10.

  • terry

    Just got drilldraw, pretty cool so far but I dont know how to make corrections without clearing the whole ice surface, also the 8 tutorial videos you sent will not open all I get is a blank screen could you please send them again

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Terry – sorry, I didn’t see your comment until just now. You can just right click on the playing surface until your cursor turns into an arrow, then select the line or object you want to alter or delete. The tutorial videos show you how to make corrections, so the first thing would be to get those working. What media player are you using? Make sure your media player is up-to-date, and if all else fails, try downloading VLC media player. It plays absolutely EVERYTHING. Here’s the link to pick it up (it’s free):


  • Leor Rosen


    My son is twelve years old. Is he too young for the S3 system, or do you have a workout program for younger hockey players?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Nope! Twelve is actually a great age! There will be a few tweaks and adjustments you’ll make to the program, and there’s a specific video in the members area that will show you exactly what to modify.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the great presentation of your drills. What makes it invaluable is not the drills but the seamless integration of play in all 3 zones, defensive positioning to breakout , regroups and transitions, zone entry and attack options. The emphasis on skills off the puck – reading & reacting, timing, changing lanes, close support and back support principles is refreshing and terrific.

    Any chance drill draw will come out with version for Macs?

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Thanks Mike – great to find other hockey minds who “get it.” Well-developed systems should integrate with each other in all 3 zones, just as you stated. I appreciate your comment! As for a mac version of DrillDraw, I actually just emailed the developer about that tonight! I’m also a mac user, so I would be all over that! As for now, I use DrillDraw on my mac via a program called Parallels, which allows you to run Windows on your mac. It works GREAT!

  • Tim

    Hey Jeremy,

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your great drills. I have a bunch of friends who just started playing hockey and this has been a great resource for us when we rent ice to practice.

    Thanks for all of your great work!

  • Matt

    Hi Jeremy – I was wondering if you had any other ideas on PP breakout – I like the ones you had in the Playbook … I was wondering if you had any other ideas. Thanks

  • Timothy Flynn

    Hi Jeremy
    great site. have used many of the training ideas that you cover. I train both junior and senior (development)level hockey here in Australia and have just come across your Iphone training system. Nobody here in OZ is aware of it. Are you going to download some of your drills and plans into this program. I am particuly interested in linking to an IPad however at this strage this is not avalaible to us here. Any information or advice greatly appreciated.

  • Just came onto your blog. Lots of great info and I like the use of videos to show and really drive home the ideas that you are trying to emphasize. Have a look at my blog, I think our sites really compliment each other.

  • Scott


    On your Facebook page you reference a drill called the “Breakout, Group, Re-group, and attack drill”. I cannot seem to locate any video or description of this drill do you have it up on the Blog site? if so could you point me to the link.


    Scott Barkey Ontario,

    • Jeremy Weiss

      I don’t think I’ve posted that one yet, but it’s a pretty good one! I’ll put it on my list of upcoming posts

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Thanks Mike! I’ve had a great time putting this all together!

    The tempo on the 2-3 press is definitely very high, but if your kids are in great shape, and you run quick shifts, it could work for a whole game. Just make sure you have a “fall-back” option if they start running out of gas.

  • Mike


    All of these blogs have been a tremendous help, I have been putting a playbook together for my kids for quite some time and I will be using a lot of this material. I have one question in regards to the 2-3 Press…I pride myself on making my kids extremely well conditioned and want to use the 2-3 Press for the entire game unless the game tempo dictates otherwise, what are your thoughts on this?

  • Jari

    Howdy Jeremy,

    How about open a facebook link to your excellent web pages.
    It would be nice to add your link in there.
    Here in Finland are not so many Twitter users.

    BR. Jari (coach)

  • Derrick

    Well Brent just got 51 secs and Nick our 10 yr old just broke 1:15, they now have gotten to the point its an entertainment thing not a workout, thanks again for the drill

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Derrick – Tell Brent 1:05 is great for a 12-year-old! If he keeps it up he’ll be under 50 seconds in no time! Thanks for the feedback!


  • Derrick

    Hey Jeremy

    I just wanted to let you know we love the S3 program, my 10 and 12 year olds have been on it since day one. We have to modify it a bit as both boys are playing spring hockey (we do that up here) Brent the 12 year old wanted me to ask if 1 minute and 5 secs is good for the dot drill? Anyways keep up the great drills as I steal and share them with other coaches frequently

  • Daniel Frenette

    Hi, Jeremy

    I already bought the secret weapon for hockey development and i lost is is it possible to send me the file again

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Mike – In my product “The Secret Weapon of Hockey Development” there is a lot of sample footage from one of my camps––the material isn’t specifically drill related, but the example drills are great stuff for youngsters!

    I’m actually giving this video away as a free gift for anyone who refers a few friends to this site. Here’s the link, refer as many folks as you want!

    Just scroll down to the bottom and you’ll be taken through the steps. let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Hello Jeremy; Do you have a DVD you have compiled to this point of sample skill drills you feel are important.
    I am coaching(again) at Squirt level and younger. I am with USA Hockey but am always looking for different ideas and methods of getting a skill across to very young beginning skaters and hopefully hockey players.
    Thanks for your attention..
    Mike Thompson, Milton, Vermont

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