Breaking Down the Edmonton Oilers’ Penalty Kill

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Breaking Down the Edmonton Oilers' Penalty Kill This is the second of two videos I put together for the folks down at The Cult of Hockey, which is part of the Edmonton Journal's online Oilers coverage. In this video we go through some key points of the Oilers' penalty kill. Check out the first video on the Edmonton Oilers' Power Play here. Enjoy!!
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Playbook Preview

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A sneak peek inside our hockey playbook and instructions on how to save 50% (today only!) UPDATE: THE CYBER MONDAY SALE IS OVER, BUT YOU CAN STILL SAVE $10 BY BECOMING A "FAN" ON FACEBOOK. HERE'S THE LINK: Weiss Tech Hockey on Facebook Over the past few weeks I've had a couple of people ask if they could see a "sample" of what's inside the hockey playbook before buying. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to close out our four day "Black Friday" to "Cyber Monday" sale by showing you what's inside the playbook, while answering a few other questions as well!! As you've probably noticed, our half off sale ends tonight (Cyber Monday) at midnight eastern time. Click Here to purchase your playbook at half price (make sure…
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4 on 4 and PK Forecheck

Offensive Zone, Special Teams, Team Systems
Penalty kill forecheck and 4 on 4 philosophies On a 4 on 4, the philosophy is simple: treat it like a power play when you have the puck, or when the puck is loose; treat it like a penalty kill when the other team has it. Forecheck: I recommend using your standard penalty kill forecheck when playing a 4 on 4. See the section on the Modified “T” Forecheck for the full explanation. Defensive Zone Coverage: Again, I recommend using your standard penalty kill coverage when playing a 4 on 4. Pick whichever one suits your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Offensive Set-up: Run a modified version of your current power play set-up. A four-man overload is very doable (think about getting the weak-side defenseman to slide down into the slot…
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Initiating a Hockey Breakout

Defensive Zone, Team Systems
Tactical discussion on initiating a hockey breakout and hockey systems. Initiating a proper hockey breakout is a very important aspect of hockey systems. All to often you see young players who are coached to do nothing more than "dump it in" or "dump it out." While I agree that there is a time and place for "dump and chase" hockey, I believe we do our players a disservice by teaching those tactics at too young an age. Teach possession hockey first, then implement "dump and chase" for specific situations as players develop and mature. My two cents worth :)
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