Breakouts: Open up Passing Options by Crossing Through Lanes

Open up Passing Options by Crossing Through Lanes

When I was a kid, my first coach (NOT MY DAD) took me a side one day, and drew two lines down the middle of a rink diagram. He then taught me that “the right winger stays on the right side, the left winger stays on the left side, and that the centerman mostly stays in the middle, but can help out if a winger needs him…”


Today’s hockey is much more dynamic, with players interchanging positions constantly––especially in the offensive zone. I like this more “European” style of play, and I think it is much more effective at opening up passing options and scoring chances.

My general philosophy is to let structured, positional assignments govern defensive zone play, and concepts such as timing, support, and triangulation govern neutral and offensive zone play. This allows forwards to be creative within a framework in the offensive zone.


2 thoughts on “Breakouts: Open up Passing Options by Crossing Through Lanes

  • John Rye

    Jeremy, I’m a big fan of teaching my teams to cross lanes and open up the ice. In watching this video I’d be concerned with the touch pass from the RW back to the C as this might cause turnovers. I prefer to have the RW chip the puck off the boards past the D and have the center cross over and pick up the pass. The RW after the pass crosses over and fills the center lane. Keep up the great work. John

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Great point. The chip can be an excellent option too. It all depends on what the opposing defenseman is doing. If he’s pinching, the chip is definately the way to go. However, if he’s already backing out of the zone, a touch pass makes more sense to hit the centerman in full stride (assuming your players are comfortable making touch passes).

      Also… I like to have my centermen communcating to the winger whether to chip it, or make a direct pass.

      Thanks for the comment!

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