Breakout, Regroup, Regroup, Attack Drill

A very versatile drill to work on Breakouts, Regroups, and Attacks

Since finishing up our Coaches’ Training Course, a few people have asked about different ways of practicing some of the systems we discussed in the course. This drill is in response to the questions about practicing breakouts and regroups.

The “Breakout, Regroup, Regroup, Attack Drill” is extremely versatile, and can be used to work on a number of different game situations. After your team gets good at it, try throwing in a forechecker (or two). You can designate where and how you want the forechecking pressure coming in, which will make your defensemen have to read and react to different scenarios.

For a more detailed explanation of the Swing Regroup mentioned in this video, CLICK HERE

Here’s the diagram and explanation:

breakout_regroup_attackBreakout, Regroup, Regroup, Attack

1. Coach dumps puck into one end, forwards execute a breakout
2. After breakout, forwards perform a regroup with the far defensemen, then regroup with the first set of defensemen (same ones they broke out with)
4. After second regroup, forwards and defensemen attack 3 on 2




3 thoughts on “Breakout, Regroup, Regroup, Attack Drill

  • BR

    forward on the board seems too high and I find many wings tend to be too high and need it drilled into them that they need to be in a position so that they are open and not close to the other theam’s D and their D can make a short easy pass, also a word on body position for the forwards to make the break out smooth would be nice too

    • Jeremy Weiss

      BR – it all depends on how you structure your breakout. Some teams have the winger swing from the bottom up, other teams have the winger swing from the top down. I’ve done it both ways, and each has it’s benefits and drawbacks. The objective of this video was just to show the general drill diagram, not to be too specific on breakout formation. When you do this drill with your team, you’ll want to run the breakout whichever way you’ve already decided on as the coach.

  • John Rye

    Great explanation and drill for breakout and regroup situations. I’ll try this at my next practice. If you have any more info on breakouts let me know.

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