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2-1-2 Stack: In Action

How to Execute a Proper 2-1-2 Stack Forecheck In the past we've talked quite a bit about the 2-1-2 forecheck. There are various ways of performing it, but the two main ones we tend to see are the "spread" and the "stack." 2-1-2 "Stack" Explained Executing the 2-1-2 stack is quite simple, and can be broken down into 3 key steps: F1 hits and pins F2 picks up the puck F3 reads and reacts, providing mid-depth support See our chalk-talk video on the 2-1-2 Forecheck here: 2-1-2 Stack & Spread Explanation 2-1-2 "Stack" Details The key to an effective 2-1-2 "Stack" is for F1 (the first forward on the attack) come in aggressive. If F1 is lazy getting in, the play won't work. F2 must also get in hard to…
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Forecheck: 2-1-2 Spread/Stack

Two simple variations of a 2-1-2 forecheck The 2-1-2 forecheck is generally one of the first set-ups young players learn. It is simple to understand, and can be taught at very young age groups. In this video we outline two possible variations of the 2-1-2 that you can choose from based on the other team's strengths and weaknesses. The 2-1-2 Stack puts extreme pressure on the puck-carrying defenseman, and makes it virtually impossible to break out up the strong side of the ice. The Spread is used to combat the D to D pass behind the net. In either set-up, our F3 and our two Defensemen need to anticipate and get to the proper position quickly! Enjoy!
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2-1-2 Spread: In Action

How to Execute a Proper 2-1-2 Spread Forecheck In our last post, we talked about beating a 2-1-2 with a D to D pass. In the footage, we saw the NJ Devils using an aggressive 2-1-2 "Stack" against the Rangers. In this post, we'll show you the LA Kings using another variation of the 2-1-2, the 2-1-2 "Spread." 2-1-2 Stack vs Spread There are two types of 2-1-2 set-ups; the "stack," where the first two players enter the zone on the same side of the ice, the first player hits and pins, the second player takes the puck; and the "spread," where the first player attacks the puck carrier, and the second player eliminates the D to D pass (this is what the Kings are using in this clip). See…
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How to Beat a 2-1-2 Forecheck

How to Beat a 2-1-2 Forecheck During the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, I did a video dissection of Ryan Carter's game-winning goal against the New York Rangers. The video got quite a few hits that night, and I had a number of requests to dissect the play from the defensive point of view. People wanted to know what went wrong, and what the Rangers could have done differently to prevent the goal. So I put together a follow up video, showing how I would have beaten the 2-1-2 Forecheck the Devils were using. Since we're ramping up for the new season, I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on beating the most commonly run forechecking system, the 2-1-2. 2-1-2 Stack vs Spread There are two types…
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Full Coaches’ Course

1. Course Introduction and Road Map 2. Development Pyramid 3. How Early can "Systems Hockey" be Taught? 4. Timing and Support Tactics 1. Box +1 2. Sagging Zone 3. Sagging Zone Arrow 1. Transition from D-Zone Coverage to Breakout 2. Color Coded Breakout System and Options 3. Creating Options by Crossing through Lanes 1. Offensive Attack Formations 2. Basic Options using the Attack Triangle 3. Cycling in Hockey 1. 2-1-2 Spread/Stack 2. 1-2-2 "Foosball" 3. 2-3 Press 4. Neutral Zone Trap 1. "Post-Up" Regroup 2. Swing Regroup 3. Back Checking 1. Overload 2. Umbrella 3. Hybrid 4. PP Breakout 1. Simple Box 2. Wedge +1 3. Expanded Wedge +1 (arrow) 4. Defending Against an Umbrella 5. How to Kill a 5 on 3 6. PK Forecheck 1. Defensive Zone 2.…
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