Full Coaches’ Course

1. Course Introduction and Road Map
2. Development Pyramid
3. How Early can “Systems Hockey” be Taught?
4. Timing and Support Tactics
1. Box +1
2. Sagging Zone
3. Sagging Zone Arrow
1. Transition from D-Zone Coverage to Breakout
2. Color Coded Breakout System and Options
3. Creating Options by Crossing through Lanes
1. Offensive Attack Formations
2. Basic Options using the Attack Triangle
3. Cycling in Hockey
1. 2-1-2 Spread/Stack
2. 1-2-2 “Foosball”
3. 2-3 Press
4. Neutral Zone Trap
1. “Post-Up” Regroup
2. Swing Regroup
3. Back Checking
1. Overload
2. Umbrella
3. Hybrid
4. PP Breakout
1. Simple Box
2. Wedge +1
3. Expanded Wedge +1 (arrow)
4. Defending Against an Umbrella
5. How to Kill a 5 on 3
6. PK Forecheck
1. Defensive Zone
2. Neutral Zone
3. Offensive Zone

Add to Cart The Weiss Tech Hockey Playbook (ebook format) has 67 pages of diagrams and explanations of Team Systems and Positional Play.

The systems contained in this playbook are designed to lead from one objective to the next. For example: a well-structured defensive zone coverage set-up should put you in proper position to break the puck out when your team gets it back.

Our playbook contains systems that can be molded to fit any level of play at any age, so long as the individual skill level is sufficient to physically perform the basic actions required.

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