2-1-2 Stack: In Action

How to Execute a Proper 2-1-2 Stack Forecheck

In the past we’ve talked quite a bit about the 2-1-2 forecheck. There are various ways of performing it, but the two main ones we tend to see are the “spread” and the “stack.”

2-1-2 “Stack” Explained
Executing the 2-1-2 stack is quite simple, and can be broken down into 3 key steps:

  1. F1 hits and pins
  2. F2 picks up the puck
  3. F3 reads and reacts, providing mid-depth support

See our chalk-talk video on the 2-1-2 Forecheck here: 2-1-2 Stack & Spread Explanation

2-1-2 “Stack” Details
The key to an effective 2-1-2 “Stack” is for F1 (the first forward on the attack) come in aggressive. If F1 is lazy getting in, the play won’t work. F2 must also get in hard to provide that deep support for F1, and to be ready when F1 causes the turnover. F3 reads the forechecking angle from F1 and F2, and provides mid-depth support. If F2 gets the puck, F3 gets open for a pass. If the opposing team attempts a breakout pass, F3 shuts it down.

The 2-1-2 is a great forecheck to set an aggressive tone at the beginning of a game. It’s also simple enough that it can be taught to youngsters as one of their first forecheks. If your players are in good enough shape, and can execute it consistently, you can stick with it for an entire game. But I recommend having another forecheck to fall back on if the 2-1-2 starts getting sloppy.


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