20″ Wobble Board for Improved Hockey Balance

Use the 20″ Wobble Board to Improve your Hockey Balance and Coordination!

I recently had the chance to test out a number of new products from HockeyShot’s balance line. I’m a big believer that developing balance and coordination off the ice can lead to improved performance on the ice. The first product I tested out was the 20″ Wobble Board, as shown in the video above.



The platform of this Wobble Board is made of birch wood with a slip-resistant top. The birch wood gives it a nice feel, while still maintaining it’s durability. “Feel” is an important feature with balance products. I’ve used plastic wobble boards in the past that don’t hold a candle to this one, mainly because of the feel.

The spherical base is made of durable plastic, that is sure to withstand any reasonable amount of abuse you’ll throw at it. The base is adjustable, which allows you to change the level of difficulty as your skills improve.

The wobble board is easy to use, although it will take some practice to get good at it. I recommend setting the base at the easiest level while you work on your balance and strength. The base is well-designed, and easy to adjust.

The benefits of using a wobble board are pretty obvious for hockey:

  • Improved Balance & Control
  • Increased Coordination
  • More Strength in Calves and Ankles
  • Variety of Power Exercises that Executed
  • Great way to develop “independent” Hands & Feet (hands and feet are active together, working on different things)

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