Weiss Tech Coaching Clinics: Development Sequences


Weiss Tech Coaching Clinics: Development Sequences

A few days ago we asked our readers to give their input as to which topics they’d like to see covered in our upcoming Coaching Clinic, which will be taking place online, in August (more details coming soon).

The response has been overwhelming to say the least! As of today, over 500 coaches have submitted their feedback, and I’ve personally read each one of their replies!

One of the most requested topics was how to use progressions in your skill development. So I’ve put together a two-part video sequence to help address this question. The purpose of this series is to give you a sample of the type of instruction you can expect in our upcoming clinics; and to give you some useful content in the process!

  • Part one discusses what I call “Development Sequences,” and gives an overview of the different goals, objectives, and drill types that should be used as you bring your players through various types of skill development.
  • Part two shows you what this on-ice skill development will look like in action, with some actual practice footage.

So, let’s get straight to it. Here’s part 1––Development Sequences:

If this video was helpful, make sure you get on our email list so you’ll be sure to receive access to part two when it becomes available. We’ll also make sure to keep you in the loop as we get closer to the registration date for the clinics.





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