Timed Delay Drill

Use the Timed Delay Drill to introduce basic passing and timing concepts, as well as offensive attack and delay tactics

Passing and timing are extremely important concepts for hockey players to understand. This is a drill you can use to introduce these ideas at a young age. As is the case with many drills, you can progress this through from simple to more complex versions as your players progress.

The first part of this drill develops basic passing and timing skills, the second part can be progressed to work on attacking the offensive zone in “waves,” meaning if the first attack option is shut down, a player can “delay” by misdirecting, then wait for his trailer man to come in late. Here’s the diagram:

Timed Delay Drill:
1. First player in line walks in and shoots, then picks up a puck from the corner.
2. Second player in line times it, then explodes as first player is ready to make the pass.
3. After receiving the pass, second player drives wide, then delays with a misdirection toward the boards
4. First player times it to cross the blue line as the second player is coming out of his misdirection.
5. First player picks up the pass and shoots.

NOTE: Run from both sides of the ice at the same time.



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