Cool New Site: The Hockey Community

The Hockey Community, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey Ice Rinks

“The Hockey Community” categorizes all of the “hockey happenings” in your local area.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new hockey site that has the potential to make a serious impact on local hockey. The main idea behind The Hockey Community is to merge all the rinks’ schedules and the drop-in hockey games on the same website. Through a very simple form you can find stick and puck, public skating, drop-in hockey game and much more.

They just rolled out all the local hockey info in the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Delta areas, but they are planning to add more and more cities. I can’t wait until Salt Lake is on the list 🙂

This is actually a student’s project from an engineer school, so if you have more ideas, tell them, they might be able to include the functionality you’re looking for.

Either way… this is a great site, with a lot of potential – take a look and see what you think!!

Visit them at or join them on Facebook.

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