2012 Summer Camp

Hockey Camps
The Weiss Tech Hockey Summer Camp provides a fantastic opportunity for world-class training, at a world class facility Weiss Tech Hockey: History We started Weiss Tech Hockey back in 2004 as a high-quality summer camp for local players in the Salt Lake area. Over the years, Weiss Tech Hockey has evolved, becoming very involved in the online hockey community. With a world-wide following, we have been receiving an ever-increasing number of requests from hockey folks wanting us to put forth a camp format that would would be more accessible for players from out of state (or out of country). Summer Camp: New Format We decided that this was the year to accommodate those requests, and we have put together a camp that could be considered a "Hockey Vacation." This a…
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Have you joined Hockey Community yet?

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Hockey Community is the future of rec hockey organization! A few months ago I came in contact with Alex Toulemond, developer of Hockey Community, a place where hockey players can connect with other players in their own community to start teams, join existing teams, and find other playing opportunities at their local rinks! The site is brand new, but I believe it has the potential to become a staple for rec hockey players everywhere. In the video above, I show you a few of the key features at Hockey Community, but you really have to go check it out yourself! Here's the link: http://hockey-community.com This site is picking up steam fast, they've already been featured on CBC... check this out!! You're gonna love this site, check it out today! Weiss
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Cool New Site: The Hockey Community

"The Hockey Community" categorizes all of the "hockey happenings" in your local area. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new hockey site that has the potential to make a serious impact on local hockey.┬áThe main idea behind The Hockey Community is to merge all the rinks' schedules and the drop-in hockey games on the same website. Through a very simple form you can find┬ástick and puck, public skating, drop-in hockey game and much more. They just rolled out all the local hockey info in the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Delta areas, but they are planning to add more and more cities. I can't wait until Salt Lake is on the list :) This is actually a student's project from an engineer school, so if you have more…
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