Swedish 5-Pass & Shot

Swedish 5-Pass & Shot

The Swedish 5-Pass & Shot drill is a great way to work on some of the passing and skating patterns used in regroups. This is a more advanced drill, so make sure you have the right group for it before giving it a try. Here’s the diagram:

Swedish 5-Pass & Shot

1. On whistle, first player from each diagonal line leaves without a puck (only one line shown here to keep the diagram simple)
2. First player skates across the blue line, receives a pass from the second player of the opposite line, then touch-passes it back
3. After passing it back, he or she loops around the top of the center-ice circle, receives a pass from the same line he or shee left from, then touch-passes it back
4. After the second touch pass, player loops out wide, opens up as an outlet pass, receives another pass from the same line he/she left from, and attacks 1 on 0



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