Slovakian Agility Race


Slovakian Agility Race Drill

Since I started this blog back in 2008, I have met a lot of really cool hockey folks. Believe it or not, it has made me a better coach! I have had the opportunity to exchange drills from coaches all over the world. I make a point to work my way through most of these drills, and pass the best ones on to my “readers” here on the blog.

I usually try to credit the drill to the person who sent it to me. However, many times the drills that come in are in other languages… as is the case with this one from my good buddy Ján Bednár. Ján has sent me A LOT of drills over the past year or so! Since he is from Slovakia, I’ve named most of his drills the “Slovakian ___________” (insert drill description).

So – here you go, another fantastic drill from Ján Bednár, the “Slovakian Agility Race.”

Slovakian Agility Race

1. Player from each line skates through the cones as shown
2. Pivot at each turn
3. Winner takes the puck and tries to score
4. Loser backchecks



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