Slapshot Challenge

Slapshot Challenge

As you know, I’m a HUGE advocate of improving your game during the off-season. I’ve found that the off-season is a time where you can make massive gains in strength and speed, as well as a time where you can fine tune other elements of your game like shooting and stickhandling.

My attitude toward the benefits off-season training is part of the reason I got so excited when my good buddy Jeremy Rupke over at told me about his idea to create the Slapshot Challenge. He is challenging every hockey player to improve their slapshot this summer, and will be coming out with loads of material to help you along the way. Here’s a quick video with the details:

I’ve known Jeremy for a while now, and he is a great hockey guy who definitely knows his stuff… check it out, and sign up to participate!

Here’s the link:



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