Skating Power

Hockey speed is attained by combining Skating Power, and Foot Speed. A player will never achieve his or her full skating potential until both skills have been acquired, and perfected.

As you begin work on skating with your team, begin with power and technique… then add foot speed. As you increase the tempo of your skating drills, don’t let your players sacrifice technique for foot speed. Players must be able to move their feet at full speed while maintaining a technically sound stride!

2 thoughts on “Skating Power

  • Paddy

    Hey Jeremy,

    Just want to say thanks for that great video and explaining.
    I am an Inline Skaterhockey Coach of a youth team age 10-13 in Hamburg, Germany.
    The most of the players are not able to skate with the right technique and when I made my coaches licence, the teachers explained it in a very complicated way.
    Your video is very easy to understand!

    Best regards from Germany

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