Inside Mohawk

The inside mohawk is a very versatile power skating maneuver. Here are a few simple drills to work on it.

The Mohawk can be used while shooting, deking, pivoting, slipping checks… the options are limitless. Players who become proficient with the mohawk will find themselves performing it instinctively in games. Here’s the diagram and explanations for the Mohawk Square Drill. Click Here for the Snake Drill mentioned in the video.

mohawk_squareMohawk Square
1. Players start on the boards, about half way between the two cones
2. On the whistle, players skate around the square, executing a mohawk around each cone
3. After a few times through, go the other direction

Note: Once the players can execute the move well, put a puck on their sticks and have them do a toe drag with their mohawk at each cone.



4 thoughts on “Inside Mohawk

  • Lenny

    Hey Jeremy, Just wanted to say the combo book for drills and skills is great. im just getting into it and its really exciting having strong support and videos of the drills. This is going to be an excellent coaching tool for myself as well as my coaching staff. Thanks a lot..

    • Jeremy Weiss

      Thanks Lenny! Hockey gets even more fun with a structured plan, doesn’t it? Keep up the good work, and keep me posted as your season progresses!

  • Hey Jeremy I just discovered your site. I have been playing roller hockey since I was small and I recently started ice, so these skating tutorials are really helpful–especially ones like these that focus on using edges. That is something us RH players have to get used to. Keep em comin.

    • Jeremy Weiss

      i actually got good at this one playing roller hockey one summer as a young kid. it felt more natural to use a mohawk on rollerblades than a power turn… it wasn’t until later i realized how useful it could be on the ice!

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