Post-Knee-Up Drill

The Post-Knee-Up save is a controversial but solid selection, when used correctly

The Post knee up save is a controversial yet solid selection. It is controversial because most goalies do not always use it in the correct situations. This particular drill will work on the Post Knee up as well as work on teaching the goaltender to read and react and utilize the save in the correct situation. Here’s the diagram:

Post-Knee-Up Drill:
1. Goalie starts square to Player 1.
2. Player 1 passes low to Player 2, who attacks the net from the side
3. Goalie uses Post-Knee-Up positioning
4. After the shot, player 2 opens up to the slot for a rebound or a one-time shot
5. After Player 2 shoots, Player 1 drives low around the bottom of the circle and either shoots or passes to Player 2

1. Player 1 walks out of the corner. He/she has 4 options: Shoot; Pass behind the net with Player 2 walking out for the shot; Pass to Player 3 for a one-time shot; Pass to Player 4 for a one-time shot.

Option: If Player 1 passes to Player 2, you can give Player 2 the same 4 options again; Shoot, Pass behind the net, or Pass to Player 3 or 4

Additional Notes:
Since this is a reactionary save, make sure when doing this save you keep the following in mind:

1. Close all holes by being very compact
2. Use only when the puck is in the low post area and close to the net
3. When on glove side, keep your glove in 12 o’clock position, right next to head and wide open.
4. Keep your blocker and stick in stance position

During this drill, make sure the goalie is moving. After a goal or a freeze, let the goalie get back into the start position. Hope you enjoy.




3 thoughts on “Post-Knee-Up Drill

  • I am a young goaltender and use this technique very often. I must say this video has taught me a little more about how to make the save while also being aware of my rebound. I do disagree with one thing, on glove side I often find myself using my glove to cover the top shelf and on blocker side often find my self using my head. I figure if you are a tall enough goalie using your head isnt always a bad thing and could cover the top shelf.

  • Dennis Hands


    I totally agree. I teach that if you use the glove in the 12 0’clock position, you can take away the top shelf on the glove side but the farther away the shooter the better chance they have to pick away at that top shelf. This definately is not a good save selection for small goalies unless they only use it in a tight situation as they give away much more top shelf.

  • pmgaff

    ‘Pleased to hear you point out the fact that, while this can be an effective save technique, it’s best used in only certain situations. I tend to agree with the folks who think that it should be used when the puck is in even tighter than the ‘green zone’ – maybe as tight as about a stick length. It seems to me that if that short-side top shelf goal is available to a shooter, that might be an indication that another save choice is more appropriate.

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