Perpetual Breakout Drill

Perpetual Breakout Drill Mimics Passing Patterns Often Encountered in Games

The Perpetual Breakout is a great drill to develop hockey breakout abilities in a high-tempo, flow and timing setting. Here’s what the drill looks like:

Perpetual Breakout Explanation:

1. “Ghost man” passers start the drill by shooting then picking up a puck behind the net to initiate the breakout
2. Low forward simulates winger, and swings in to pick up board-side breakout pass
3. High forward swings through and acts as the centerman providing middle support
4. winger one-touches to center, who attacks and shoots, then initiates breakout in far zone
5. winger moves to middle line.

NOTE: winger can swing from top down, or from bottom up, depending on your team’s breakout set up.


2 thoughts on “Perpetual Breakout Drill

  • Shawn

    Used this drill with my Jr. team. It is a great warm up drill before the on ice stretch. I made one addition. Have the player that passes the puck from behind the net and the winger that bumps the pass to the shooter backcheck hard to the far blue line before they switch lines. They are not trying to take the puck away. Created great flow and less stand around time. Excellent drill. I really enjoy your site. Shawn.

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