One-Touch Timing

One-Touch Timing is a great precursor to the 3-Zone Timing Drill

If you’ve followed me at all over the past few years, you know I love to use progressions to develop new skills. This is a great example of a simple drill that can be progressed into a more complex version, the 3-Zone Timing Drill.

As you begin introducing timing concepts to your players, remember to stress that it is better to be late and accelerating into the pass, than to be early and slowing down. Here’s the diagram:

One Touch Timing Drill:
Designate a Passer (P) for the first time, just to start the drill.

1. first player from each line at one side of the ice leave together
2. low man swings to receive the pass, then one-touch passes to his partner swinging through at mid-ice.
3. receiver shoots, passer picks up a puck and passes to the low man of the other line
4. drill is perpetual

NOTE: this is a GREAT precursor to the 3-zone timing drill.




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