On the Dot 3 on 2

Here’s another great Small Area Game Drill to work 3 on 2’s and quick transitions

This can be a fantastic drill, depending on the skill level of your players. At best it’s a quick-paced, high-intensity, odd-man-rush drill. At worst it can be quite slow, with too much standing around… So, as I’ve often said, USE YOUR “INFINITE WISDOM” AS COACH to determine whether this drill will be a good fit for your team 🙂

on_the_dotOn the Dot 3 on 2

2 on 2 plus 1. Players on dots can pass or shoot, but can’t leave the dots.

Make it 3 on 3 plus 1 after a while

UPDATE: I suggest letting the “dot men” move anywhere within their half, so it becomes a true 3 on 2 in each zone (notice added cones)




2 thoughts on “On the Dot 3 on 2

  • WillMcC

    A simpler variation comes to almost the same thing: instead of using cones, the player on the dot must stay within the circle, but can go anywhere in the circle. Keeps him/her from chasing the puck and makes him a reliable target, but allows him to get opena and make a move…

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