Quick Announcement and a Favor

Go to: http://hockeydevelopmentsystems.com/ to get on the “Early Bird” notification list. This will let you be one of the first to know when the program becomes available.

Also – leave your hockey training questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions in the comment section **YES, I’m serious – go ahead and do it now :)**

5 thoughts on “Quick Announcement and a Favor

  • Victor

    Just discovered your site. Great stuff!!!

    One area that I struggle teaching my kids off-ice is the ability to read a play. I know there is no ideal way but have found some game simulation videos on YouTube (assuming they were done with Drill Draw) that helped. I basically played and paused the video while asking my kids what they would do.

    Be great to have videos of various plays to help during training.

    If you know of some already on the web ….. be great to know.


  • Attila


    As a trainer who works with a group age 10-12, I’m looking forward to see your program. Love this site, keep the great work on! As Don said above, it will be interesting to separate the activities by the age of the players. I’m sure I’ll be one of the users and will get back to share my observations.

  • Don

    Jeremy…love the blog…great work !
    Regarding the off-ice project….I’m mostly concerned about making sure that I’m doing “age appropriate” activities, depending upon the age group I may be working with. Any guidance along those lines would be helpful.
    Maybe even breaking the activities up or identifying which ones are not recommended for the younger athletes.
    Thanks for the opportunity to provide input.

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