My Youngest Student…

I know… it’s not really a “Drill or Skill,” but I had to post this!

We took our little boy (Tyler) skating for the first time this week. He’s 19 months old, so his feet are still pretty small. The only skates we could find that were small enough were the “bob” skates that have the two blades. At first he looked like Bambi out there… but then he learned to bend his knees… by the end he could take a few steps on his own before falling. The best part of all… after we finished, he wanted to go back on the ice for more! It was a proud moment for me 🙂

We got it all on tape – enjoy!

3 thoughts on “My Youngest Student…

  • roger

    nice video glad to see that he enjoys it and that you are teaching him well ,i can tell he will do great just by looking at his leafs hat thats a step in the right direction right there,

  • Weiss! Dude that was so rad. You guys awesome!

    My wife and I just watched that and we were dying. It was so funny. My wife kept saying how cute he was. You guys are lucky to have such a stud. You’re right too, by the end he was actually taking a few strides/steps. Haha. Seriously, thanks for posting that. That’s pretty cool you guys have his first time skating on tape.

    Again, loved the video and thanks for sharing!


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