Musical Pucks

Musical Pucks is a great game to help youngsters work on crossovers

Working on crossovers can be hard and frustrating for many young hockey players. I’ve found that turning skill development drills into shooting drills or games can make them a lot more fun and motivating to work on. Musical Pucks is a small area game that demonstrates this tactic well. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

Musical Pucks

1. Put one less puck in the middle than you have players on circle
2. Players cross over until whistle
3. On whistle, each player tries to get a puck – whoever doesn’t get one is out
4. Make sure to run it both directions so players practice crossing over both ways.



3 thoughts on “Musical Pucks

  • Jana

    I played this with my women’s team last night and it was a riot! We did a winner’s circle at the end and came up with an ultimate champion. It was so fun 🙂

  • Andy S

    The only problem with this is that the player who is the best at skating, crossovers, etc. will probably win. This means they are getting the most practice, or more than the others, who probably need it more than them. Maybe make a hierarchy so if you lose you go to another circle and play another game.

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