Mohawk Square Drill

Here’s a Quick “2 for 1” Post with Two Hockey Skating Drills

The Mohawk Square Drill, and the Full-Ice Snake Drill are two phenomenal ways to work on inside mohawks with your team. I use these two drills to work up to more difficult mohawk drills like the “Snake” Shooting Drill––and of course, the Snake Shooting Drill is a precursor to many other situational drills in which the mohawk can be used.

In this video, I make reference to two previous videos:

Click Here to see the Mohawk in Action
Click here for the Snake Shooting Drill

Here are the diagrams and explanations for the drills mentioned in the video:

Mohawk Square
1. Players start on the boards, about half way between the two cones
2. On the whistle, players skate around the square, executing a mohawk around each cone
3. After a few times through, go the other direction

Note: Once the players can execute the move well, put a puck on their sticks and have them do a toe drag with their mohawk at each cone.

Full-Ice Mohawk Snake

1. Players start in corner.
2. Each player weaves through the cones, executing a mohawk around each cone.
3. Maintain the mohawk behind the net, then come back.

Note: Add a puck and a shot at the end as players begin to improve.



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