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OdorBalance Worked for Me… Here’s The Story

I recently had the chance to test out a new cleaning product for sports gear. It’s called OdorBalance, and it worked really well!

When I first heard from the folks down at OdorBalance, I admit I was skeptical. I really didn’t think anything could touch the stink in my gear… basically, I had two doubts:

  1. RASHES: My mom used to wash my gear when I was a kid, and it would always give me a rash the first few times after being washed. After a few times of this happening, I finally asked her to stop. For me, I was more ok with stinking than having a rash from the detergent
  2. STUBBORN STENCH: Since the time my mom agreed to stop washing my gear, I had stopped washing it altogether… meaning, YEARS of stench had settled in to all my equipment. I didn’t think anything could take it out, without being so harsh that it would give me a rash, and therefor render my gear unusable.

The OdorBalance guys assured me their product was safe, and that it wouldn’t give me a rash… so I decided to let my gloves “take the plunge” first, literally!




allproductsFirst Test… Gloves
I used the recommended process, and started with Offense first, then rinsed both gloves off in the Defense tub, and let them dry. To my amazement, the smell was completely gone! I was interested to see if it would come back once I started sweating in the gloves again, but true to OdorBalance’s claims, the smell didn’t come back… even after multiple uses. An interesting side point is that the gloves didn’t “cross-contaminate” with the other remaining, untreated, smelly gear in my bag, which means the Defense really did defend against picking up new odor and bacteria.

Next Test… Skates
OdorBalance worked so well on my gloves that I decided to crank it up a notch and test it out on my skates. My skates are a different beast all together. I’ve skated barefoot since I was about 15 years old, and although I love the feel, it makes the skates smell A LOT worse. I’ve had my current skates about 10 years, and have never used socks in them!

It actually took two attempts on my skates. The first attempt I didn’t get my ratios right, and ended up running out of time to let them dry before I had to use them again. So I didn’t get the result I was looking for.

As you’ll see in the video, I talked to the OdorBalance guys and they gave me a few tips to help me get a great result.

  1. Get your ratios right – Measure it Out!
  2. Get aggressive on super-smelly gear – Let it Soak!
  3. Budget enough dry time – Use a Hair Drier and/or Heat Vent to Speed it Up!

After I did it the second time, I got a great result that even my wife approved of!

This stuff works really well. I recommend washing your gear with OdorBalance once or twice per season to keep your gear smelling good and to keep the bacteria at bay. The complete package will be enough to wash your entire gear one time. You can click the pictures to the right to pick up the complete package, or pick up individual pieces of the system as needed.


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