High-Low Shooting Drill

High-Low Shooting is a Good Warm-up Drill for Everyone

Here’s another great hockey drill that I like to use particularly as a warm-up drill. It is quick-paced, and incorporates skating, stickhandling, and shooting in stride. It’s also great for goalies as it gets them moving side-to-side. Players must keep their heads up as they explode through the middle of the ice in opposite directions. Stress that the players keep their feet moving throughout the entire drill. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

high-low_shootingHigh-Low Shooting
1. Players are divided into 4 corners with pucks.
2. All 4 lines leave at the same time on the whistle.
3. Short lines go to first set of cones.
4. Long lines go to middle set of cones.
5. Players skate full speed through the cones, drive wide, and take a shot while keeping feet moving.
6. Players alternate lines each time.


3 thoughts on “High-Low Shooting Drill

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Tim – once again, great idea on having the first guy stick around for the tip or rebound! Definitely a variation I’ll be implementing!

  • Tim Ames

    Hi Jeremy,

    This is a great warm up drill. In addition, I love to stress to those in the “short’ line, once they shoot, to get in front of the net for a deflection or rebound from the “long” line player. Since, the short liner, will alway, shoot first, and should have enough time to “crash” the net.

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