Perpetual Cycle

Perpetual Cycle is one of my favorite hockey cycling drills

I’ve used this drill for a number of years, and its a fun one! Start by teaching your players the basic fundamentals of cycling, you might try our Cycle Give and Go Drill to get them started. Once they’ve got the hang of it, run this one for more advanced development. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

perpetual_cyclePerpetual Cycle
1. Coach dumps a puck in – first player goes into corner, picks up the puck, and cycles it back.
2. A second player follows him in to pick up the cycle.
3. After cycling it back, the first player cuts across the top of the circle and drives the net – second player passes out for a one-time shot.
4. After the pass is made, the next player in line dumps it in the other corner.
5. The player who just made the pass continues up around the top of the circle, then drives into the corner to pick up the dump.
6. He cycles back, and the player who dumped it in supports to pick up the cycle. Same thing happens again. Drill continues perpetually.



4 thoughts on “Perpetual Cycle

  • Jeremy Weiss

    Hey – just wanted to say thanks for your comments… I’ve really enjoyed your drill variations (on this drill and the high-low shooting). Very good developmental mind!!


  • Tim Ames

    Hi Jeremy,
    I love the information you provide. Great job. Just like to tell you, I ran this drill, and it worked great. I also altered it to a three person cycle.

    Instead of two lines, I formed one line. Three players skate down low, retrive the puck from the corner. The first two make the bounce passes, and cut right to the net for tips, rebounds and passes. The third players takes the cycle pass and cuts around the top of the circle for the shot, pass etc. He/she then heads to the corner to pick up the other dumped puck. Then the next two in line go and repeats the cycle. The first two, (from the first cycle are done) and hustle out from in front of the net, and return to the line. Works great too.


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