Hockey Equipment Tips for Kids

Hockey Equipment Tips for Kids

Hockey is still a young sport here in Salt Lake City, which means we have many first-time hockey parents. While these parents all share a love of the game, and enthusiasm for their kids being involved, many of them are unfamiliar with the finer points of putting on hockey gear.

Over the past few years, I’ve consistently seen equipment issues with improper sizing (sticks too long), improper wearing (skates too loose, elbow pads upside down, etc.), and even non-usage (no cup?!?).

So I felt it could do some good, at the very least in my local organization, to put together a video detailing the key points of how to size and wear every piece of hockey gear, from start to finish. Obviously, this is a broad topic, so I’ve put together a time-stamped “Table of Contents.” This way, if you have questions about a specific piece of equipment, you can fast forward straight to it using the timestamps below. Skates and sticks are the two that do the most damage to your player’s ability to learn the game if you get them wrong. So I’d recommend at least watching those two segments. :

– 1:29 Cup/Jock & Garter
– 3:10 Shin Pads
– 7:33 Socks
– 9:24 Pants
– 11:22 SKATES
– 20:29 Tape & Shoulder Pads
– 23:25 Elbow Pads
– 25:26 Jersey
– 26:35 Helmet & Gloves
– 30:57 STICK

When gear fits properly, the players are able to focus on learning and having fun, rather than being uncomfortable with equipment fitting badly or falling off. With everything in place, your player will be able to develop in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment.

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