Help Get Green Biscuit “On the Shelf” at Walmart!

Green Biscuit Among the Top 20 Products of Walmart’s “On the Shelf” Contest

Green Biscuit Pro


Olympic 2014 PucksGreen Biscuit has made it to the Top 20 of Walmart’s “On the Shelf” contest. This is awesome news for Green Biscuit and for our game as a whole! I wanted to take a minute and fill you in on how the competition works, what’s already happened, and where it goes from here. Here we go!

On the Shelf
The competition started back in July–Walmart asked people to submit their products. From there, Walmart picked hundreds of products, then the public voted on their favorites until the end of September. The products that had the most public votes made it to the top 20 finalists.

For the competition, Green Biscuit will be debuting three new pucks:

  1. Green Biscuit Pro
  2. The pink “Blush” puck
  3. And a special line of pucks for the 2014 Sochi Olympics that feature country flags in the center. (These ones are so cool!)

The Top 20
The Top 20 products are broken down into categories, and each product has a webisode created as a feature on the contest site. Green Biscuit will be competing in the “Kids Stuff” category, and their webisode will air October 8th.

After the webisode airs, voting is open for a limited time. Our webisode airs October 8th and voting closes October 11th, 2013. The product with the most votes will move onto the next round. From there, the product that receives the most preorders will win.

How Can We help?
We’re asking the hockey community to help support Green Biscuit in their quest for the “On the Shelf” Championship. There are a few ways we can do this:

  1. Tune in to the Webisode October 8th at
  2. Follow Green Biscuit on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter, to keep updated with reminders on voting
  3. VOTE for Green Biscuit before October 11th, 2013!

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