Long/Short Passing

Long/Short Passing is a Fantastic Half-Ice Passing Drill

This is a bit of a “2 for 1” half ice hockey drill, since it’s a sequential drill with a long pass, and a short pass. This drill should be executed at a quick pace, so whistle timing is very important here. Have your players focus on executing hard, accurate, stick-to-stick passes––especially on the cross-ice pass. This is a great drill for all ages and skill-levels! Here’s the explanation and diagram:


Long/Short Passing

long-short_passingOption 1 – Long Pass
1. First player leaves line and skates through the cones as shown.
2. Next player in line fires a hard, stick-to-stick, cross-ice pass.
3. First player receives pass, skates up around the NZ cone, and fires a shot on net.

NOTE: make sure to time your whistles so players aren’t skating in front of shots.


Option 2 – Short Pass
1. First player leaves and does a tight turn around the first cone.
2. Next player in line floats a “saucer pass” over the stick and onto the stick of the receiver.
3. First player skates up around the NZ cone, and fires a hard shot on net.

NOTE: be sure to keep a quick whistle pace during this drill.




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