Full Ice 3 Pass and Shot Drill

The Full Ice 3 Pass and Shot Drill can be VERY effective with the right group of players!

This drill is a more difficult version of our regular 3 Pass and Shot Drill. In this version the passes are longer, and must be harder. With the right group of players (and the proper number of players), this can be a very fun and effective drill. However, if your players aren’t capable of handling long, cross-ice passes, they’ll spend a lot of time chasing pucks into the corner. See the diagram and explanation below:

full-ice_3-passFull-Ice 3 Pass and Shot Drill
1. players leave respective lines and skate across the ice
2. receive a pass from next player in line, and quickly return the pass
3. loop to receive the final pass from the same line they each player left from – receive the puck IN FRONT of the red line
4. cut up ice and take a shot



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