3 Pass and Shot Drill

The 3 Pass and Shot Drill is Great to Warm-up Your Passing and Timing

The “3 Pass and Shot Drill” is a great Hockey Drill that can be utilized in many different practice scenarios. I like to use it as a warm-up drill, but it can also be used to develop passing and timing concepts, or to work on one-touch passes or shooting. Here’s the diagram:

3_pass_shot3 Pass and Shot Drill

1. Players line up in two lines, at the blue lines
2. Each line has pucks
3. On the whistle, the first player from each line skates across the blue line and receives a pass from the opposite line
4. The receiver controls the pass and gives a pass back to the player who passed to him
5. After giving the return pass, the player circles around, presenting himself as an option in the receiving zone, where he receives a pass from the line he originally left from
6. Receiver turns up ice and takes a shot, then skates to the back of the other line



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