Best Hockey Bag for Coaches?

Welcome to our what’s in the bag series!

What’s up guys!

Jeremy Weiss here with Weiss Tech hockey and recently I’ve started getting a few questions about coaching gear.

It’s been kind of interesting… a little bit different…

At first it was just one or two questions here and there, but lately it has started to kind of grow and expand and I’ve been getting emails about a wide range of different questions on recommendations for this and that.

So I figured it might be a cool idea to do a series called “What’s in the Bag?”

You can check out the entire Table of Contents by clicking the button below:

Okay… Here we go!

So this is my actual coaching bag. I’m actually very picky about the coaching gear I use. If it’s something that matters to me, I’m very specific about it. Everything that I use, I use for specific reasons and so that’s what we’re gonna do over the next few videos.

We’ll just go through everything in my bag together… starting with my bag itself!

My bag is very specific to the way that I want it. Name brand doesn’t matters as much on this one (this one is an Easton Synergy Elite). I got this a long time ago it’s been a great bag for me. But I’m not as concerned about the name brand as I am about the functionality.

Click below for some great options to check out:

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Here’s why I use my specific bag:

  • IT FITS MY WHITEBOARD – There are plenty of cool bag designs out there… but if they can’t fit your basic coaching gear, they’re worthless. I have a specific coaches whiteboard I use for practices. It’s fantastic, and I’m very committed to it. So my bag had to be big enough to fit my whiteboard along with my other gear.
  • IT’S WELL BUILT – This bag is well built, heavy duty, and has lasted me over a decade without anything falling apart. The stitching and zippers are all as good as new.
  • IT HAS WHEELS – I’ve been known to tease my players who use the wheelie bags (all in good fun), so you know they tease me back when they see I’m rocking a wheelie bag as well 😂. The difference is… First, I’m old. Second, and most importantly, coaches have way heavier stuff than players. If you’re bringing your own pucks, cones, or any other training aids, you’re racking up poundage like crazy! Get a bag with wheels and save your arm from ripping off at the shoulder.
  • END POCKETS FIT MY CLIPBOARD – End pockets are nothing unique. But this bag fits my needs because it fits my stuff. My clipboard fits perfectly into the end pockets of this bag, making it easy to haul everything I need into the rink.

This is not a full-size gear bag. It’s about 30 inches. When I measured it it was measuring about 33 from the wheels to the far end. So we’re in and around 30 to 33 inches.

So that is the coaches bag that I use and recommend.

Again, go to Table of Contents page for this series, and you’ll see all the other products… Everything that is in my very own coaching bag. By the end of this you’ll have seen everything I use in my coaching, and the reasons why I’m using each item.

Hope it helps! See you in the next video!


Jeremy Weiss (with his translator) presenting at a hockey coaching symposium for the Russian Federation in Moscow—2018.

Who is Jeremy Weiss?

Hockey coach and international consultant, Jeremy Weiss, has worked with thousands of coaches worldwide since 2008 to help produce championship teams at every age and skill level.

He is known internationally through the work he has done online. In 2008 he invented “digital chalktalks” which combined screen sharing with drill diagramming software, to produce a training experience nobody had ever seen before. His YouTube following quickly grew to over 19,000 subscribers, and he has produced over 130 training videos.

Jeremy runs a development blog for coaches, which has over 280 posts. He is the author of 10 hockey books for coaches, and is the editor of Hockey Development Magazine.

He was trained in the Eastern European style as a pre-teen, by his Czechoslovakian skills coach, and competed internationally as a “Wexford Raider” among the top youth hockey programs in the world including Russia, Czechoslovakia, Finland, and top teams in his home province Ontario, Canada.

He majored in Exercise Sciences at Brigham Young University, and subsequently worked as a Personal Trainer, where he continued to study and develop ideal training methods for hockey.

He has incorporated the very best pieces from the various training styles he has been involved in, and has built a world-class off-ice strength and conditioning program that fits the specific needs of hockey players.

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