Advanced Hockey Breakout Progression

This hockey breakout progression is recommended for advanced teams only

This is a highly effective breakout progression. There are endless ways to change it up to work on different game situations, and it involves many recurring passing patterns. Since there are many possible “points of failure” I only recommend this drill for older, or more advanced hockey teams. Here’s the diagram and explanation:

advanced_breakout_progressionAdvanced Hockey Breakout Progression

1. D to D to Wing
2. D to D to Wing
3. D to D to Wing, one-touch to Center
4. D to D to Wing, one-touch to D who follows up play
5. Start again from the other side

OPTIONAL: Put defensemen on far blue line for a 1 on 1.



3 thoughts on “Advanced Hockey Breakout Progression

  • Art Rosenbaum - Mercer Chiefs Bantam A

    Hey Jeremy. Great drill, however, the Link to the PDF goes to the Full Speed Breakout Format instead of the Advanced. Can you guys correct that? Thanks….Art

      • Art Rosenbaum - Mercer Chiefs Bantam A

        Great thanks Jeremy! I’m using your playbook and select drills with my Bantam A boys this upcoming season and will no doubt have questions as we progress through the early part of the season. Have a great summer! Best…Art

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