5 Pass One Touch

Here’s a fantastic passing drill that I picked up from Larry Huras over at Hockey Coach Vision.

For anyone who has questions about the software in this video, I’m using CoachThem at the beginning to walk through the diagram, then Hockey Coach Vision to show the animated drill in action. I’ve got discounts set up for both softwares if you’re interested:

5 Pass One Touch

  1. Player takes a step towards middle ice, pivots, receives pass from next player in line, then passes back to him
  2. Player now receives pass from first player in the other line, and passes it back to him
  3. Player now makes a sharp turn to attack across the blue line for long lateral pass from diagonal line then goes in for shot


  • – One player places themselves in front of each net to screen original shots then move out to a rebound position
  • – After shot, the shooter takes the screen position in front of net. Work on screening the release of shot.


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